Da Woidviertler“ is produced!

A dreamy music video that will soon be travelling the world to present our wonderful region of Waldviertel and memories of my childhood there. Fays, elfs and a very special connection to nature, who accompony little Günther through his path of life! Watched by himself from the afterworld! The region of Waldviertel, my powerful home land!

*The secret of this message will be disclosed in autumn/winter!

Official CD/video release november 2015

directed by: Verena Ströher, camera: Daniel Schneider, GET SEEN .

CD Da Woidvierlter Günther Novak

“Da Woidviertler” – Fotocredit: Andraj Sonnenkalb

listen to  “Da Woidviertler” below – more information and music here: Musik

Thank you very much to everybody who took part in this master piece! My childhood, original settings and great people at the video production!

Home land – this means also to share love, joy and harm, simply to care for each other. The Austrian region auf Waldviertel is part of my home, where I grew up and have my roots. Meanwhile, my roots are reaching quite far! I’ m looking forward to present my songs! And I’ m looking forward to see you there and thanks a lot for spreading the word!

Warm regards, „Da Woidviertler“

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