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A totally new genre! World music with Austro Pop character, an influence of Ska, Chanson and Balkan Rock are meeting Austrian dialect from Waldviertel. „Da Woidviertler“ contains 12 songs, an absolutely new music experience. My songs and lyrics are all texted, composed, sung, spoken and played by myself. Songs out of my life and my way of looking at the world. Sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes provocative – from personal loss to a humurous criticism of society.

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“Da Woidviertler” – ALBUM 12 SONGS + SINGLE DOWNLOAD

CD “Da Woidviertler” – Special Nutwood Edition with leather filling. Waldviertel to grip and feel


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With the special edition CD made out of nutwood and calf leather I want to give you a feeling of „Waldviertel to touch“. The CD covers are being handmade by a carpenter. Only the screws we had to import from England – but this is the only thing that’s not from Waldviertel. This edition should reflect my relation with nature, that includes just everything. I hope to be able to transport this honest attitude to life thorugh my songs …“

Warm Regards, Günther Novak

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“JETZT live” – CD


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My first album contains 24 tracks, two of them are poems. My songs and poems are self-texted, composed, sung and performed. Songs out of my life and my vision of the world and beyond. Sometimes mad and humorous, sometimes thoughtful, provocative and serious…

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