Da Woidviertler“ – the new album – OUT NOW!

A totally new music experience! World music with Austro Pop character, an influence of Chanson and Balkan rock are meeting Austrian dialect from Waldviertel.

Songs out of my life and my way of looking at the world. Sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes provocative – from personal loss to a humurous criticism of society.

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Producer Oliver Pinelli: „Coming from Berlin, two things are neccessary to produce a Superstar in the Austrian Dialect genre: The perfect artist and the perfect producer. Great, that this was the case! In my opinion, Günther Novak is an absolute unique specimen 

in the Austrian music scene. Poetry, combined with razor-sharp words in a packaging, you wanna bath. This is a true master piece.“

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“Lebma jetzt Lebma heit” Official Video – the new SINGLE!


„For me, music has the power to „free“, to share love and joy with others and to care for each other. People are laughing, crying, thinking when enjoying my concerts. I want to incourage humans to take another view of things. I want to be a mouthpiece for those, who don’t dare ore don’t have the possibility to demonstrate their feelings or opinions …“
Günther Novak
“For me, listening to Günther Novak is like an immediate therapy to get into lust of life! Something like healing body, spirit and soul. Release and uprising! The attraction, heart-geniality and passion of this austrian master of dialect-music is amazing to feel, hear and watch”
Verena Ströher