Günther Novak

This story started seven years ago with a childrends accordion … The true stories about simple things in life have touched my audience. This led to a growing demand for my music. In autumn 2015 my second album will be released.

In autumn 2015 my second album will be released.

„Da Woidviertler“

contains 12 songs, an absolutely new music experience. My songs and lyrics are all texted, composed, sung, spoken and played by myself. Songs out of my life and my way of looking at the world. Sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes provocative – from personal loss to a humurous criticism of society.

Mad, colorful, full of life! Exotic and rooted to my homeland at the same time!

Guenther Novak -

My songs and concerts are full of experience and surprises. I have put a lot of fun and love in the work of this album. The production of the new CD „Da Woidviertler“ was a new and exciting challenge. Together with star producer Oliver Pinelli from Berlin I am spreading my Austrian songs throughout the world. „Balkan Rock meets Austrian dialect from Waldviertel“ – and much more.

I was inspired by the the disire for life and my home, the Austrian region of Waldviertel. For me, home land – this means also to share love, joy and harm, simply to care for each other.

My performances – a mixture of music and cabaret

Listen to my compositions, which I am bringing close to your heart with my accordion. True feelings and a quick tongue are guaranteed. Now I also perfom together with my guitarist Esch, Nikolaus on the viola and Johannes on the drums.

I wanna give you a present: With my songs and performances I want you to have a wonderful time and lust for life! Enjoy listening to my songs and help me spreading them throughout the world! Thanks a lot to everybody who supports me on this path.

Warm Regards

Günther Novak

Günther Novak & band – video interview and more coming soon!