Grand Black Nose Concert ZURICH – badly illed adults’ and kid’s courage to face life with trust!

Günther Novak and friends as guests at (Foundation For Rare Diseases)

Touching stories, warm hearts and lovely sound!

Guenther Novak und Dr. Frank Grossmann

Guenther Novak und Dr. Frank Grossmann – eine Herzensverbindung (+ Hund Cuba aus dem Kinderbuch)

Dr. Frank Grossmann, founder of invited us to play a gig at the GRAND BLACK NOSE CONCERT, Zürich.

Deep friendship, a foundation for rare dis-eases, and a brandnew song for badly illed children and adults.

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„WE ARE HERE…….“ and we are here to bring a new consciousness into this world! An evening with a magic touch, on which luck, joy and suffering were as close together as heaven and earth!  Our deep human connection in its full beauty, in its uniqueness and oneness came closer and into full screen. Tears, courage, difference, variety, fear, happiness, worthiness and power were mirroring the treasure of life itself!

The heartwarming stories  from the badly illed children tauched us so deeply and brought wonderful new energy and inspiration for further songs, concerts and cooperations!

Günther Novak and band were presenting the new song for children and people with “dis-ease” – “Wir sind hier” (we are here) exclusively. A part of the income goes to the foundation

Blacknose Concert Schweiz - Günther Novak bei orphanhealthcare