Foundation for Rare Diseases

As new partner of the Swiss Foundation  „Da Woidviertler“ composes an own song for the foundations’ children’s book “So wie du und ich” (As you and I).

In cooperation with orphanhealthcare, the German music producer Oliver Pinelli and Günther Novak, the Austrian dialect musician the new song is going to be released in spring 2016.

We will proudly present the song on a charity event in May and are looking forward to support this great humanitarian idea with our friend and founder of the foundation Dr. Frank Grossmann.

Orphanhealthcare connects people with passion, experience and engagement all over the world, to help and research in case of Rare Disease.

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Günther Novak on the Charity:

“The children’s book of the foundation and the story of the hero “cuba”, a dog, have touched my heart so much, that I really wanted to help and give my voice, thoughts and feelings for it!  The book helps illed children to get power and will to survive. It gives this children a face and helpes them, finding friends in their mostly short lives. The work and research of the foundation is very important, therefore I wanna give what I am able to give and donate in my way!”