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Exotic and rooted to his home at the same time! This is a new sphere of Austrian music at its best!

In autumn 2015 the new album „Da Woidviertler“ is going to be released!

After the very successful music production with famous music producer Oliver Pinelli from Berlin and the production of two music videos by the GET SEEN film team the album is following. Andraj Sonnenkalb has finished his art work presenting a CD cover and professional shots for the campaign. 

12 new songs are promising a great music experience, world music between “Austro Pop” and “Balkan Rock”!

click here and listen to the new album!

Listen to the top singles:

“Lebma jetzt lebma heit”

“Wonst a freid host”

“Da Woidviertler”

Music producer Oliver Pinelli:

Coming from Berlin, two things are essentially to produce a superstar in the Austrian dialect genre: The perfect artist and the perfect producer. How great, that this was the case with „Da Woidviertler“! In my opinion, Günther Novak is an absolute unique specimen in the austrian music scene. Poetry, combined with razor-sharp words in a wrapping you wanna bath in. This is a true master piece.“

Waldviertel to touch and feel!

You can order the special nutwood edition for euro 79,- plus shipping in advance: 

da_woidviertler_ cd