On the 22nd of July the grandiose concert at the “Döllerwirt”, Großhaselbach Austria took place. The „Woidviertler“ Günther Novak and Band called  “his friends” released a high qualitative and made with love, short movie. A wonderful memorie and wandering throughout the night, represents the unique oeuvre from the artist and his guys.

Watch now:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_tT0xGq1bB4

CD Da Woidvierlter Günther Novak

Da Woidviertler – Günther Novak – CD Fotocredit: Andraj Sonnenkalb

“Da Woidviertler – CD special edition” Nutwood with leather filling

Guenther Novak -

Guenther Novak – “DaWoidviertler” – CD Sonderedition Nußholz